Wednesday, March 5, 2008

copied and pasted-ded

I've been thinking more about using photography to make money. How to market my pictures. How to advertise..?

So, I posted a 'ad' on craigs list, mainly for weddings over the summer. I've gotten one response so far, for July 5th. I feel like when I'm first starting out, I shouldn't charge much, since I am at their mercy (kind of) for expirence with their wedding.

I've also been shooting solely with the D80 for the past week or so. Went out to the old quarry with evan.. took a few good pictures. Using mainly the new 50mm, 1.8f lens I got.

No down time..

Recently, I haven't had as much down time.

My prints are significantly worse in my opinion... dark and crappy. Not quite sure why i let this new professor dominate me the way i do. This one girl hasn't come to class since the first day because she didn't want to print like he wants her to.. I didn't like her anyway. She was stuck up.

Studio is getting easier, or I'm just getting used to sucking at it. I'm thinking it's the later.